Great Toys for the Dog Park Visit

There are things that one should always bring to the dog park and things that you may or may not want to bring. Some things you always should bring are water and your leash. There are some things you may or may not want to bring. Below are a few items we would always consider bringing to the dog park.

Dog park water bowl A water bowl is a nice thing to bring to the park if it is packable and small. When you have this you lower the risk of wasting water in case you do not have that much. It also is a good way to separate your dog from unneeded germs. We recommend Ruff Wear Bivy Pet Bowl from REI.
Dog Park Water Bottle A water bowl is nice when you are sharing water but sometimes your dog may want his own water. This water bottle is nice because it contains the water and serves as a bowl. This is great for hikes and the dog park and is real affordable. You can order a water bottle here.
Administer first aid to your dog You hope your dog never gets hurt but sometime it’s best to know what to do in case she does and a vet is not nearby. This is a great resource to educate yourself on first aid for your dog. It is not a replacement for a vet but it has very useful information. You can pick up a copy of Dog First Aid here.
Chuck It dog ball tosser The Chuck-It is a very popular toy that both the dog and their owners love. Your dog will get to chase a ball very far and you get to save your arm strength. Please make sure you dog is comfortable sharing his toys if you bring this to a busy dog park. To learn more click here.