Stapleton Dog Park

This dog park is located near the old Stapleton airport just east of Denver. Given its location there are multiple entry points into it. The area has many nice green belts and parks however most require leashes. But once your dog is tired from Stapleton dog park she will willfully wonder the rest of the area on your side!

There are multiple ways to reach Stapleton dog park. Parking can be a challenge on weekends. A side street off E 26th Ave usually does the trick.

Stapleton dog park is adequately sized at just under 3 acres. Although sometime sections are closed off now and then to minimize the impact of all the dog traffic.

Additional Comments:
Can be busy ,busy, busy!!! But overall Stapleton dog park is one of Denver's finer off leash dog areas

Stapleton Dog Park
Sstapleton Dog Park
Stapleton Dog Park